Monday, March 7, 2016

Where I Am Today

I always think of things in my head about what I want to say & share, but somehow get distracted with my household and work and never get to write them out. SO much has happened. I am not the same girl I was 7+ years ago when I originally started this blog (all my old posts have been removed because some of them now make me cringe), which is good, because I sure as hell hope in 7 years we have all evolved into a better version of ourselves! I began writing as an escape from my miserable life. My health sucked, I drank like crazy, smoked, and was married to a narcissistic psychopath which is a big part of why I did the aforementioned things. I developed a sense of humor, was very crass and just didn't give a fuck, to be honest. I always say people that are funny that their humor stems from a place of pain. Being ridiculous and making myself laugh is what kept me "sane". One day I came on-line and started to read other people's blogs and commenting on their posts and getting to know them. Then I figured - why not just begin my own? And I did. And then I joined another blog with 2 other ladies and we all collaborated together and were the "Scandalous Housewives". Being a "scandalous housewife" really saved my life at that time. That blog no longer exists today, either, and that chapter is closed and we have all moved on with our lives. I cherish those times I had with Scandy & Lushess, and Suburbia Steph has always stuck with me ever since. I'll get into HOW that saved my life another time, but today, I just wanted to give a quick update where I am TODAY. I still live in my little slice of Suburbia, TX! I am re-married now (to my Viejo!), and had another daughter in 2011, bringing my grand total and FINAL count of children to 4! I am now 40, my kids are 4, 8 (9 next month!), 14 & 16. Add to that 2 crazy ass kittens (one I am convinced is actually a squirrel), and my life is full of more love (and a little insanity) than ever. I have cleaned up my act and settled down. I still have the mouth of a sailor, which my Viejo hates ~ but who the hell is he to judge me? I can change my ways, but you cannot take my sentence enhancers away from me!! Here are some pics of me & my crew: Sadly, I just realized I really don't have any of my teenagers. They are like ghosts, but I promise you, they DO exist! Well, this is a BIG week for me with lots of changes to ME, personally ~ but I'll save that for later. Wishing you all a day filled with love and laughter!! xo, Suburbia Steph

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  1. You look so happy - good to see you back. Beautiful family :)


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